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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My friendster Photo Comments

I am a member of since 2005 and have only a hundreds of friends. I have noticed that most of us like to give comments with photos of the friend being commented or the photo of ourselves, some are using a website that offers to customize your own design and images and there are also using short messages with glittering effects. Now, because of this, I was being encouraged and inspired to make my own messages and photo comments to my friends using their photos, my collections of background images and put their names on it. I believed that when I gave a comment to a friend using his/her name with poetic words then, its sounds like very special and sweet and that’s the way I treated them. Below are my sample of works and I want to share it with you to encourage being unique in giving a comment to a friend not only on friendster or any social network site but you can give it personally on a very special occasion of their lives.

If you want your name to appear here and become a part of this collection of mine then just leave your comments and messages here and please keep on visiting this blog of mine because I will be posting my new friendster photo comments from time to time.

Please click the image so that you can read it clearly.

I am now using Adobe Photoshop and Photo Collage Maker for editing.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


You can find this on my friendster profile...

Please select and click the photo so that you can read it clearly.

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